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Nov 27, 2017

Mike and Dan cover their post Thanksgiving Festivities

  1. Time with friends and family
  2. Black Friday shopping
  3. Disc Golf
  4. Public land damage

Deer Camp wrap up for Mike and Dan

  1. Mike's camp success and goals
  2. Dan's camp success and goals

Tree Planting

  1. Grow cages to protect
  2. Tree truck bark protection from mice and rabbits
  3. Growing seasons and mast production

Outdoor books for kids

  1. From Shasta Sitton and Whitetail Press
  2. Mike ordered two books
  3. Wyatt's First Whitetail and Grace Goes Bowhunting
  4. Great gift for Christmas

Negativity in the outdoors a rant by Mike

Mike and Dan give their take on what they are thankful for this year.