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Dec 4, 2017

Outdoor Conservationist Shane Mahoney answers the question on what can we do to make an impact on wildlife.

  1. Everyone can do something for the outdoors
  2. Explain to people that planting a flower garden does more than beautify your property
  3. Share personal experiences
  4. Share simple stories
  5. Share your wild food with others
  6. Caring for a pet is the same as caring for our wild creatures, so share those conversations
  7. Explain to little children that if we fill in wet areas where vegetation decays, rots and stinks, but if we do it will kill the tadpoles. If we get rid of the smell it will cost us the frogs.
  8. Question of the greater good
  9. Teach them to care for the animals they cherish
  10. Get elderly to share with others the importance of the outdoors
  11. Get involved on the local level
  12. Young kids will gladly give up their best toys for a young puppy wagging its tail or a frog, or lizard, or a pony.
  13. This is what's at the heart of the conservation movement
  14. One natural world, one humanity, one chance
  15. "I" have to do something

Interview with outdoor author Shasta Sitton who has written 2 hunting books for kids.

  1. Wyatt's First Whitetail and Grace Goes Bowhunting
  2. Wrote a story for her son Wyatt and decided to publish it
  3. Eva Shocky endorsed Grace Goes Bowhunting
  4. Promotes safety, conserbation, practicing and ethics
  5. 3rd grade reading level but you can read to kids from 0-12 years of age.
  6. Grew up in Idaho and learned to hunt from mom and dad.
  7. Shot her first elk at age 14
  8. Compare and Contrast between Michigan and Idaho
  9. Advice on getting females into the outdoors
  10. You can buy on
  11. The publishing process
  12. Publishers and Illustrators do not like hunting
  13. The 5 UNJ quirky personal questions