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Feb 4, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Dan Jasa who finished 5th at the Lancaster Archery Tournament last week about his shoot.

  1. Prepping for the Las Vegas shoot next weekend
  2. How the Lancaster tournament works
  3. The mental game
  4. The bow set up
  5. Arrow set up
  6. The mental game during the competition
  7. Shot process
  8. Do you think about who you're shooting against
  9. How much practice time to prepare for the tournament
  10. The practice process
  11. Arrow points, glue in vs screw in
  12. Spooky Nook
  13. Shooting in the venue, what was that experience like
  14. Pressure is living in the 20 seconds of the shot
  15. The gallery down both sides of the shooting lanes
  16. How the tournament has grown
  17. How the lighting changes the look while you're shooting
  18. Lane choice
  19. When tied it goes to a shoot off and how it works
  20. Second to last round an errant shot!
  21. Bare Bow Divisions
  22. Growning the sport and sponsors
  23. Spectators
  24. Peaking during practice or during the tournament
  25. What to expect in the Vegas shoot
  26. Vegas shoot broadcast

Carbon Express Contest and giveaway

Interview with Pedro de Ampuero, international hunter from Spain

  1.  Had the opportunity to talk with him in the PSE truck at the ATA show
  2. Pedro's Background
  3. List of animals in Spain that are available to hunt
  4. The Yukon moose hunt
  5. Listening to nature
  6. Mountain hunting
  7. Works for KUIU Europe
  8. Take the good and bad in hunting and enjoy it all
  9. Fresh moose backstraps over 5 days of bacon
  10. Looking forward to February Ibex hunt in Turkey