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Feb 19, 2018

Mike and Dan interviewed State of Michigan Representative of the 105th District Triston Cole who sits on the Michigan Sportsman's Caucus.

  1. Tell your State Rep. what concerns you in the outdoors
  2. What is the Sportsman's Caucus?
  3. What do they do for us?
  4. The Lantern Fly
  5. How do they help us in the outdoors?
  6. Is there bipartisan efforts working together to help the outdoors?
  7. How do they bridge the gap between hunters and the DNR?
  8. Triston talks about his outdoor experiences and his family
  9. How your voice counts

What is the Jacobson Organ in a Whitetail Deer and what is it used for?

  1. It is in the roof of the mouth of a buck and a doe
  2. Used in conjunction with lip curling
  3. Bucks use it to test for pheromones in the air to see if doe is ready for breeding
  4. Does will use it to sense blood and birthing fluid also for smoke, creosote, exhaust, etc....

Mike heads out on a night coon hunt.

  1. Running bluetic hounds
  2. Treed four coons
  3. Shot two
  4. Muddy fields makes for heavy boots
  5. Talking fur prices

Danny heads to the Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular

  1. Dan shoots some new releases and PSE bows
  2. Good crowds
  3. Stan Releases
  4. Field and Stream Big Buck display