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Apr 9, 2018

Mike and Dan begin the show trying out a cup of Hunter's Blend Coffee that was sent to them from Hemisphere Coffee Roasters.

  1. Dan thinks is smooth!
  2. Mike will be taking this to deer camp!
  3. Gotta have coffee on the hunt!

Dan is getting excited for turkey season!

  1. Dan was out looking for sheds while cruising the woods
  2. Plans on scouting this week
  3. Weather needs to warm up soon
  4. Birds are moving finally
  5. Mike attended a local turkey workshop event
  6. Mike talks to CO about youth hunting licenses
  7. Game laws differing from state to state
  8. Drones and hunting

Mike is taking Deer Steward 1 Class.

  1. Through QDMA and the University of Clemson
  2. 6 modules
  3. video based teaching
  4. Deer and habitat biology, management, etc...

The 2018 Whitetail Report listed what states use to manage deer

  1. Michigan uses deer herd health, hunter opportunity, car deer accidents and crop damage.
  2. Seems as if insurance industry issues have a heavy hand in management of our deer instead of sound science.
  3. Numbers and questions can be skewed to gain any point of view that researcher wants
  4. The nation is shooting less does on a whole
  5. First time since 1999 that nation has shot more bucks than does

More dead deer found on Mike's property, looks like they were starving.

The guys are getting ready to attend the Michigan Deer Summit