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Apr 23, 2018

The boys are getting excited since spring has sprung

  1. Danny has taken down his Christmas lights
  2. Mike mowed the yard
  3. Worried about the deer herd after the big snow storm
  4. Snow still on at deer camp
  5. Danny is rolling the dice on his turkey hunt this coming week
  6. Danny is going to run and gun on his first day of the hunt
  7. #2018CallHimOffTheLimb

Yeti Coolers Drops it's association from the NRA Foundation

  1. No explanation as to why
  2. NRA Foundation is the youth side of the organization
  3. Will this comeback to bite Yeti?
  4. Waiting for an explanation
  5. What is the fallout of this?
  6. Other companies are drawing the line as well

Danny bought a new muzzleloader

  1. The Remington model 700 UML
  2. New ignition system
  3. Looking at putting a Vortex scope on it
  4. Loading on warm barrel
  5. New ignition system

Mike got back on the bike

  1. Rode for the first time this year
  2. Brought home last year and got road salt all over it
  3. Mike stripped it down and cleaned it this weekend

Michigan Trout Opener this weekend!

  1. Know your rules and regulations before you enter the water!
  2. Read signage by the streams to know what's legal and not legal