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Jul 23, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Mike Swartzentruber of Hunter's Blend Coffee about what they are all about along with some of their hunts!

  1. Located in Mid-Ohio
  2. How Mike got started in the outdoors
  3. How Hunter's Blend got started with Mike, Ken and Paul
  4. How the coffee industry works
  5. Marketing coffee to hunters
  6. How the coffee industry thinks about hunting, 2nd amendment, etc...
  7. How Hunter's Blend Coffee makes a difference in the outdoors.
  8. How to buy Hunter's Blend Coffee
  9. How Hunter's Blend Coffee is changing lives in the farmer's lives that grow coffee.
  10. Diego's documentary
  11. Paul's "Spider" Buck!
  12. Ken's Iowa Buck!
  13. Using scrapes and licking branches
  14. Ken's New Mexico Elk!
  15. How Mike started hunting
  16. Mike's first buck!
  17. Mike's small hunting spot
  18. Mike's licking branches and scrape set up

Mike and Dan talk about the FITA Field shoot at Adams Conservation Club in Toledo, Ohio.

  1. Shooting the tournament
  2. What we thought about the course
  3. Shooting uphill with a steep incline!
  4. 1st day was at unknown distances up to 45 meters
  5. 2nd day was at known distances up to 60 meters
  6. How we dealt with converting meters to yards on the fly
  7. Danny's Robinhood shot
  8. Pin gaping to hit your shots
  9. Scoring
  10. Mental fatigue and concentration on day two
  11. Great people at Adams Conservation Club
  12. Gun ranges were open when we were shooting. 
  13. We got to try using the Atl Atl from Carbon Express