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Feb 11, 2019

The guys start out the show talking about the Vegas shoot and how the Michigan guys did.

The 2019 Turtle Lake Deer Health check with Dr. James Kroll

  1. How the health check went and proceedures
  2. Why they do these health checks
  3. How the rut plays into this
  4. How they use fetal size to determine the date of conception
  5. What to plant for late season hunting
  6. Mike was trying to get info from DNR employees for his daughter for what she would like to do as a job in the future

Dr. Kroll took a deer apart for viewing where a hunter should shoot a gun and a bow to kill a deer.

  1. He took the rib cage off so you can see the organ placement
  2. Showed where to shoot for a gun
  3. Showed where to shoot for a bow
  4. He explained and showed what a bad shot does

Had several young people at the event which gives us hope that we can get new people into hunting and the outdoors.

Danny gets an EZ Kut Slingpack that was left out in the woods for two years

  1. Danny explains how he got this pack
  2. How did the product endure two years in the elements
  3. Great tool to have while scouting or putting trail cameras out
  4. The loppers are a great way to extract jaw bones for aging deer or taking the front leg off to check bone marrow for health

The guys rundown how archery league shooting is going for them.

  1. The set up they are running on the target range
  2. How the first few weeks went
  3. How they have been doing the last couple weeks
  4. What they've learned along the way
  5. The Process