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Dec 2, 2019

The guys each talk about their ups and downs of the Michigan firearm deer season this year.

Danny hunted Michigan's upper peninsula

  1. Good season overall
  2. Seen a good amount of bucks
  3. Can't shoot does
  4. Some snow to start firearm season
  5. Saw a lot of turkeys
  6. Saw one shooter buck
  7. Does messing with the bucks
  8. Too many does
  9. One buck killed at Dan's camp

Mike hunted Michigan's Northern lower peninsula

  1. 6 inches of snow on the ground
  2. Used the E Bike to get back and forth
  3. Saw a nice shooter right at day break
  4. Saw two more bucks and 35 does
  5. Very little shooting
  6. Issue with heater on second morning
  7. Had to move to another blind
  8. Saw 19 on second day
  9. Only one was a buck which was a spike
  10. One buck killed at our camp

Ken Scicluna hunted Michigan's southern lower peninsula

  1. Bow season shot a giant and couldn't recover him
  2. Saw another giant while in the saddle
  3. Missed another good buck the 5th day of firearm season
  4. Not a lot of shooting
  5. Brother in law shot his first deer
  6. Crops are gathered nearby
  7. Snow and cold for opener
  8. Would you rather hunt the U.P.?
  9. Miss being at camp
  10. Deer camp life
  11. Coyote activity
  12. The Ghost Blind
  13. Tracking Dogs