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Jun 22, 2020

The guys are talking with Yamaha Marine Division about the 2020 iCast show and the Right Waters Initiative 

iCast 2020 show

  1. With Covid the show will be virtual
  2. Brings saltwater and freshwater people together
  3. How will this change the trend with the show being virtual
  4. People feel that something is missing from a virtual show
  5. The positive side of doing the show virtually
  6. Moving add dollars and how that will affect the smaller operations
  7. How Covid has affected the industry negatively and positively
  8. How will the virtual show affect the live drops of new gear

Right Waters Initiative

  1. Promotes access to waters and fisheries
  2. Cleaning water, Scientific Research, Habitat Restoration and Fight against Aquatic Invasive Species
  3. Cleaning shorelines
  4. What is going on with the Asian Carp focus 
  5. Educating the lawmakers
  6. How aquatic problems affect areas economically
  7. Plastics issue in all bodies of water
  8. The Trash Interceptor
  9. Balloons

The personal side of Brad and John