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Jul 29, 2021

Join us as we catch up with Tim Andrus of Rush Outdoors since covid is easing up. We cover several topics this week.

How he's gotten through the pandemic this past year

  1. Fishing
  2. Hunting last season with covid
  3. Planning the upcoming season
  4. Tags drawn and not drawn

What bow he is shooting this season

How do you deal with hunting and being sick while producing a show

  1. He tells a story of food poisoning that kept him down on a hunt
  2. Tick sickness
  3. How weather plays into staying in

Crazy ice fishing story

Fawn deer rescue story

Talking trapping

  1. Tim trapping as a kid
  2. Trapping on his show
  3. Today's fur prices

Using trail cameras

  1. Setting up for waterfowl scouting
  2. Using cell service cameras
  3. His take on the Arizona trail camera ban

Stopping bad habits

Talking about writing a book