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Feb 11, 2022

Join the guys this week in the Cabin as they talk about getting back out to Outdoorama for the first time in two years with publicist Bill Parker of Outdoorama and Michigan Outdoor News.

48th annual Outdoorama

  1. History of the show
  2. Missed last year due to pandemic
  3. Exhibits that will be at the show
  4. Big Buck Night on Thursday
  5. Food at the show
  6. Fishing seminars and guests giving seminars
  7. Hunting seminars and guest giving seminars
  8. Kids activities
  9. Boats, kayaks and ATV's
  10. Cost of tickets for the show
  11. Show days and hours
  12. How did Bill get involved with Outdoorama

Michigan Outdoor News

  1. Bill is the editor
  2. The history of the paper and what they cover
  3. How do you find stories
  4. Cost of the paper

A story about Bill that almost turned into tragedy

  1. A treestand fall
  2. The injuries he got from the fall
  3. The recovery
  4. His first time back out after the fall
  5. Being thankful