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May 19, 2022

Join the guys tonight as they chat with UNJ Staffer Mark Coleman from Indiana. Mark takes us through killing his first turkey ever  as well as how he has done this Morel Mushroom season.

Turkey Hunt

  1. A hunt that started in the late afternoon with just a sit in the stand
  2. Talking to mom on the phone
  3. The Tom answered the call 
  4. The strut through the field
  5. Taking photos instead of shooting
  6. One last call
  7. What was it like to take your first bird after three unsuccessful seasons
  8. Photo ops
  9. What to do with a dead bird
  10. How ya going to cook it

Mushroom hunitng

  1. 'Overall success of the season
  2. How to go about finding Morel Mushrooms
  3. What do you wear while out hunting them
  4. What gear do you need
  5. How do you pick them
  6. What do they taste like
  7. How to cook them
  8. Picking courtesy towards others