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Oct 13, 2022

Talking about an epic journey this week with outdoor enthusiast Haley Andrus. We will find out what made her walk around the entire shoreline of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan in just under 3 months! What drives a person to do such monumental challenges? We will find out!


  1. Always wanted to do an extended hike
  2. Thought of the idea while on the beach on Lake Michigan

Grew up in the outdoors and got the outdoor bug in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Training for hike

  1. Did extended backpacking in the winter before hike
  2. Started walking for distance before hike
  3. Planning the trip

The mindset while walking

  1. meditations
  2. Music
  3. Podcasts
  4. etc.....

Logistical Planning

  1. Exact route
  2. Camping stops
  3. Distance for each day

The big send off

  1. Starting at the Ohio line
  2. Nervous
  3. The first day

Walking through Detroit

Walking on the beaches for the first time

Reactions from people she ran into along the way

Saginaw Bay area hike

Raccoon encounter

Making it to Mackinaw and seeing the Bridge

  1. Half way
  2. Emotional

Going back to places you hiked through

Physical changes along the way

  1. How food played a role as the trip progressed
  2. Losing weight

Shoes wearing out along the trip

Making food along the way and eating in restaurants 

Hiking the west side of the state

Ludington hiking

The west side erosion and devastation was evident along Lake Michigan, how seeing that impacted her

The final stretch and last 10 days

The finish line!

What is next

Cost of the trip

Talking about the gear 

Carrying water on the hike

Possible book?

The big takeaway from the adventure