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Apr 29, 2016

Mike's new mountain bike for hunting experiment

  1. Hope to use the bike to get back to stand and camp quietly
  2. Got the new bike Saturday morning and headed north to deer camp
  3. Headed out with the bike to check my trail cameras at camp
  4. On first impressions the bike performed as expected
  5. I had a backpack on along with my hiking boots and hunting coat, all items didn't cause any issues while riding
  6. Was able to ride within less than a hundred yards of several deer without being detected 
  7. Having some of my hunting gear on it was very manageable to maneuver though the woods with the bike
  8. The hiking boots worked well with the pedals
  9. The clicking noise while coasting didn't alarm the deer even at close range 
  10. Concerns of rolling up on a bear
  11. Bear spray in the water bottle holder?
  12. Things to consider while riding in the woods by yourself
  13. Gun rack for the bike